Indicates a willingness to sell at a given price. Related: bid

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I. offer of‧fer 1 [ˈɒfə ǁ ˈɒːfər, ˈɑː-] verb [transitive]
1. to say that you are willing to give someone something, or to give them it:
offer somebody something

• They offered him a very good job, but he turned it down.

offer something to somebody

• The magazine offered discounts to advertisers.

2. to say that you are willing to pay a particular amount of money for something:
offer (somebody) something for something

• They've offered us $200,000 for the house.

3. FINANCE to make an investment available for sale:

• The company offered about 18 million shares to investors on the Tokyo Stock Exchange at 6,800 yen each.

4. to provide a product or service:

• It offers six credit cards with varying rates.

5. if a product or service offers particular advantages or features, it has those features or advantages:

• Different software packages offer different features.

  [m0] II. offer offer 2 noun [countable]
1. a statement that you are willing to give someone something or do something for them:
offer of

• Before the offers of early retirement, the company had about 8,000 employees.

offer to do something

• Their offer to buy the building was accepted.

• They approached him with the new job offer and, within hours, he accepted the post.

2. FINANCE an amount of money that you are willing to pay for something:
offer make (somebody) an offer (for something)

• The company made an offer of $5 million for the site.

• The company declined (= refused ) the $1-a-share offer because it wanted $3 a share.

ˌfirm ˈoffer FINANCE
a definite offer to buy or sell something at a particular price:

• The land will be sold off, but as yet no firm offers have been received for the site.

ˌgeneral ˈoffer FINANCE
in a takeover, an offer to buy all the shares in a company
iˌnitial ˈoffer FINANCE
an offer when it is first made, or the amount involved:

• The company and its creditors rejected the group's initial offer.

iˌnitial ˌpublic ˈoffer abbreviation IPO FINANCE
an occasion when a company offers shares on a stockmarket for the first time; = INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING:

• The bank has closed its initial public offer early because of overwhelming demand from investors.

ˌmandatory ˌgeneral ˈoffer abbreviation MGO also ˌmandatory ˈoffer
FINANCE in a takeover, an offer to buy all of the remaining shares in a company, that must be made when a company owns more than 33% of the voting shares in another company
ˌopen ˈoffer FINANCE
a type of rights issue where existing shareholders have the right to buy new shares in a company, and financial institutions buy the shares that the shareholders do not buy
ˌself-ˈtender ˌoffer FINANCE
an offer by a company to buy its own shares from investors, to try and prevent the company from being bought by someone else:

• The company plans to spend more than $800 million on a self-tender offer.

ˈsettlement ˌoffer LAW FINANCE
an amount of money, property etc that one person offers to another in order to end a disagreement:

• The risk that the other party might appeal the court's decision made the settlement offer attractive.

ˈshare exˌchange ˌoffer
also ˈpaper offer FINANCE in a takeover, an occasion when a company offers its own shares in exchange for shares in the company that it wants to control:

• The shareholders of a target company may accept a share exchange offer.

ˈshare ˌoffer also ˈstock ˌoffer FINANCE
1. an occasion when particular shares in a company are made available for sale for the first time, and the number of shares involved; = SHARE ISSUE; STOCK ISSUE:

• The company said it expected the new share offer to raise 444 million rand.

2. an occasion when a company offers to buy another's shares in a takeover:

• The share offer values the company at £1.5 billion.

ˈtakeover ˌoffer FINANCE
an occasion when one company offers to buy another company, or the amount of money involved:

• It fought a hostile takeover offer (= one that it did not want ) by a rival textile concern.

ˈtender ˌoffer FINANCE
1. an occasion when an investor offers to buy a particular quantity of existing shares or bonds at a particular price. The sale occurs only if all the existing owners agree to sell at this price
2. a type of new share offer, when investors say how many shares they are willing to buy and at what price. Only investors who make offers at or above the striking price (= the actual price fixed after offers have been received) obtain shares
3. in the US, an offer to shareholders of a company to buy a particular number of shares from them at a particular price, which can be done as a way of gaining control of the company:

• The company has been the object of a hostile tender offer.

unsoˌlicited ˈoffer FINANCE
an offer to buy a company, property etc that the owner did not ask for:

• The board rejected the unsolicited offer.

3. be open to offers to be ready to consider different offers of money or other things people are willing to give you:

• We have no definite plans to sell but we are certainly open to offers.

4. on offer COMMERCE available to be bought or used:

• It's still a seller's market because of the shortage of property on offer.

5. on offer COMMERCE available for a short time at a reduced price; = on sale AmE:

• Olive oil is on offer this week.

• This wine is currently on special offer at £3.29.

6. also special offer COMMERCE a reduction in the price of something for a short time:

• Take advantage of our `buy six for the price of five' offer.

• The ferry company is running a special offer: a day trip to France for only £7.

7. be under offer PROPERTY if property that is for sale is under offer, someone has offered an amount of money for it:

• We can confirm the club is under offer, but that's as much as we can say at this stage.

8. MARKETING a free product or service
ˌfree ˈoffer MARKETING
a free product or service that is given or done so that people can try it, or so that people will buy the thing it is added to:

• More than 90% of the free offers on cosmetics are for women.

ˌspecial ˈoffer MARKETING
a free product or service that is added to something in order to encourage people to buy it:

• Special offer: all guests of Amsterdam Travel Service are offered a free sauna during their stay.

ˈtrial ˌoffer MARKETING
a new product or service offered free to people so that they can see what it is like before they decide whether to buy it:

• a trial offer of a satellite dish, free for 30 days

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   A market maker's price to sell a security, currency or any financial instrument. Also known as ask. A two-way price comprises the bid and ask. The difference between the two quotations is the spread. For example, a dealer may bid for (or offer to buy) shares at $5 and offer to sell them at $5.50 so the bid/offer is $5/$5.50 and the dealer's spread is 50 cents.
   ► See Bid-Ask Quote.

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offer UK US /ˈɒfər/ verb [T]
to ask someone if they would like to have something or if they would like you to do something: offer sb sth »

They offered me a key role on the project.

offer sb a job/promotion »

She was offered a job in Singapore but turned it down.

offer sb a chance/opportunity »

The cable provider offers advertisers the chance to buy ads that run only in specific neighborhoods.

offer sth to sb »

The airline company offers cheap flights to airline staff.

offer to do sth »

Some grain dealers were offering to buy cash grain from farmers, but only at a discount.

to provide or supply a product or service: offer sb sth »

The package promises to offer customers even cheaper financial services.


We have decided to offer free trials with retailers.


The package offers 11 nights in Kenya from $1569 per person.

to say that you will pay a particular amount of money for something: offer $20/£200/$2 million, etc. for sth »

All three prospective bidders have indicated that they would offer about $1.1 billion for the company.

offer sb sth »

He offered me lots of money for my car.

FINANCE to make shares, etc. available for sale: »

They are offering 6.4 million shares with an estimated price range of $10-12.

to provide or have particular features or advantages: »

Future generations of products may offer improved price or performance features.


The group expects the new devices to be offered as standard equipment on vehicles.

offer UK US /ˈɒfər/ noun [C]
a situation in which someone asks if you would like to have something or if you would like them to do something: make (sb) an offer »

The company made me a job offer and I accepted it.

take up/agree to/accept an offer »

I took up his offer of help with my presentation.


reject/turn down/refuse an offer


receive/get/have an offer

an offer to do sth »

He refused all offers to negotiate.


an offer of employment/work/a job

an amount of money that someone is willing to pay for something: make (sb) an offer »

A Japanese investment bank has already made an offer for the company.

an offer for sth »

They are considering a $519m offer for the business.

an offer of sth »

She turned down an offer of $2,000 a week to organize the conference.


accept/consider/get an offer


decline/turn down/refuse an offer


The board agreed the terms of a recommended cash offer of 42p per share.


They have indicated that if they had a good offer for their assets they would sell them.


I'll give you $50, and that's my final offer.

PROPERTY an occasion when someone says they would like to buy a property at a particular price: »

We were ready to complete the deal when the seller got another, higher offer.

make/put in an offer on sth »

They made an offer on a house downtown.


Several people have viewed the property, but no-one has put in an offer.

FINANCE an occasion when a company makes new shares available for sale, or the number of shares offered : »

The $22.50-a-share offer to ADT shareholders is 12% more than ADT's closing price yesterday.

MARKETING a reduction in the usual price of something, usually just for a short period of time: »

a bargain/introductory offer


This superb offer is available for a minimum two-night stay until April 2.

on offer — Cf. on special offer
on (special) offer — Cf. on special offer
open to offers — Cf. open to offers
under offer — Cf. under offer
See also COUNTER-OFFER(Cf. ↑counter-offer), EXCHANGE OFFER(Cf. ↑exchange offer), FIRM OFFER(Cf. ↑firm offer), FREE OFFER(Cf. ↑free offer), GENERAL OFFER(Cf. ↑general offer), INITIAL OFFER(Cf. ↑initial offer), INITIAL PUBLIC OFFER(Cf. ↑initial public offer), MANDATORY GENERAL OFFER(Cf. ↑mandatory general offer), OPEN OFFER(Cf. ↑open offer), SELF-TENDER(Cf. ↑self-tender), SETTLEMENT OFFER(Cf. ↑settlement offer), SHARE EXCHANGE OFFER(Cf. ↑share exchange offer), SHARE OFFER(Cf. ↑share offer), SPECIAL OFFER(Cf. ↑special offer), TAKEOVER BID(Cf. ↑takeover bid), TENDER OFFER(Cf. ↑tender offer), TRIAL OFFER(Cf. ↑trial offer), UNSOLICITED OFFER(Cf. ↑unsolicited offer)

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